ITWeb Governance, Risk and Compliance conference (5 to 7 March 2013)

Paul was asked to speak at the ITWeb GRC conference on 6 March 2013. His topic is one which companies arguably don’t pay enough attention to: reputation as an aspect of corporate governance in a social media context. Here is the topic as it was published on the event page:

Reputation management on the Web is typically left in the hands of a company's marketing team but the growing influence the connected masses have on companies' bottom lines, coupled with trends in corporate governance, necessitate that the board take a strong interest in these influences on a company's reputation.

This topic will include

  • An overview of some of the King 3 recommendations relating to reputation management
  • A discussion of differing approaches to two stakeholder categories
  • How a broken guitar gave an airline something to think about

The important chapter in the King 3 report is chapter 8 which deals with reputation generally. It advises the board to take cognisance of stakeholders and the importance reputation has for the bottom line. Although it doesn’t mention the social Web specifically, social media is proving to be a powerful platform for consumers and other stakeholders and its effects can be very real.

Here are Paul's slides for his talk:

We have also prepared a Storify which contains useful links and references: