The 2012 ITWeb Social Media Summit


The ITWeb Social Media Summit on 14 to 16 August is the first of what wil hopefully be a series of events of this nature: 

We’ve all heard that we should be ‘doing’ social media, that it can transform our organisations, up our bottom lines and change the way we do business. With so much excitement in the air, it’s become difficult to see through the hype.

Join us at the inaugural ITWeb Social Media Summit, where local social media experts and corporate practitioners – many of whom are recognised as pioneers in this field – will share their insights, strategies and best practices that cut through the buzz to the heart of the real business issues.

Themed “Social Media for Business”, the summit is created for senior decision-maker. They will come away with a clear understanding of both the risks and the benefits of taking their business social.

Paul was asked to present on the 14th and conduct a workshop on the 16th and we thought we'd gather a few materials from Paul's contributions here. Paul also participated in a Hangout with Tallulah from ITWeb Events on Friday, the 10th of August 2012, and spoke about some of the interesting issues he will be talking about:

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We will keep updating this page with new materials, links and other useful stuff so check back from time to time.

Presentation on 14 August 2012: When business goes social, what about the legal risks?

This presentation should cover the following themes and topics:

  • Businesses getting social with each other in a legal world
  • Structuring social business relationships and protecting sensitive information
  • Vendors, staff and the crazy things they say online
  • Protecting your business' reputation a little better

 Here is a short overview from Paul of his presentation:


Update: Here are Paul's presentation slides and a voice recording of his presentation:

Workshop on 16 August 2012: Social Media in the Workplace 101

This workshop will focus on social media in the workplace and Paul will talk about the legal implications of social media in the enterprise as well as social media policies, how they work as legal risk management tools and some best practices to bear in mind when you develop them. Here is an overview of the topics and themes Paul will cover: 

  • An introduction to social media in the workplace
  • An overview of the purpose of a social media policy in the workplace
  • The importance of respecting copyrights and fair use
  • How to protect confidential and proprietary info
  • How to manage and monitor what is being said about your company
  • How to control how social media is used by your employees
  • How to implement the social media policy
  • Legal considerations that must be kept in mind

Paul also recorded a quick preview of what you can expect to learn at this workshop:

We also shot some video and will post that if it came out ok.

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