Privacy and Data Processing Risk Consulting

Data is fast becoming currency. Personal information is the key to more meaningful engagement with customers and commercial data continues to be a powerful enabler for innovators. The regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex as a result of new legislation and a more interconnected and international mesh of rules and influences. A growing need for data-driven engagements means that businesses have to understand how they can make effective use of data available to them to compete more effectively while, at the same time, remaining mindful of the constraints imposed on them by regulators, consumers and trading partners.

We have a multi-faceted understanding of the privacy and data processing risks facing various industries including digital marketing; financial services as well as platform and application development. This is only a small slice of the metaphorical data-stuffed cake. More personalised services enabled by aggregated data sources and wearable technologies being incorporated into corporate wellness projects are two of the fascinating trends we’ve noticed and there is doubtless more around the corner.

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