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Our Blogs

You can always start with our content at the source. We have two blogs that we maintain at the moment (and a third we are experimenting with). The first blog is our Legal Notes blog and this will likely be the most useful to you. It is where we publish new articles about legal developments and stories. Our articles are usually fairly in depth and we publish the articles in their entirety through [our feeds][ourblogfeed].

Our second blog is our Practice Notes blog which we use to communicate operational and back office updates from time to time. This blog is updated as and when we need to and is a pretty low volume stream.


We have two Twitter profiles:

  • We use our @WebTechLaw profile to share interesting updates, our thoughts on relevant developments and topics as well as notifications of new blog posts from our Legal Notes blog.
  • Our @WTLPN (or Web•Tech•Law Practice Notes) profile notifies you when we publish updates on our Practice Notes blog.

Our Blog Feed

Contrary to popular opinion, RSS is not dead. It remains a simple and powerful way to keep up to date with your favourite sites. We currently offer two feeds which you can subscribe to in your preferred feed or RSS reader:

Popular feed readers currently include the following (and there are many more to choose from):

  • feedly (the desktop version is accessed through your browser and there are iOS and Android versions);
  • Flipboard (Android and iOS); and
  • Reeder (for Mac and iOS)

Going Social

Of course you can also find us on all the major social networks too:

Generally speaking, we use these profiles to publish updates from Legal Notes blog as well as the other updates you will receive through @WebTechLaw. We may also have updates more appropriate to those particular profiles and will post them there somewhat more selectively.

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