A presentation on new media and the law

I just published a video version of a presentation I prepared for the Social Media Management Conference in October 2008 at the Indaba Hotel. This is the first part of a series which I will publish over the next week or two.

This is probably the last time I will give this particular presentation. I have given this presentation or minor variations of it for the last year or so and something a little more specific will be more useful as more companies adopt social media elements into their marketing campaigns and general web presences.

Update: A PDF version of the slides is available for download from Slideshare. You can also view the slides themselves in a slideshow here too.

Update 2: I just noticed that my voice over doesn’t extend throughout the slideshow. I apologise for this. There seems to have been a bug in the recording in Keynote. I’ll try resolve that and repost the video.

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