Giving away some of my secrets

One of the ways I keep up to date on developments in online law is by listening to This Week in Law which is a US-centric law podcast running on the TWiT network (run by Leo Laporte and includes other gems such as This Week in Tech and MacBreak Weekly). If you would like to get a sense of what the panel talks about, here is a video of the most recent episode (I listen to the audio version but the show is also captured on video, usually via the TWiT Live site):

TWiL’s focus tends to be on specific US legislation and court cases so its value to me in that respect is limited but where it is valuable to me is that the issues the team (which includes Denise Howell, Colette Vogele, Ernie Svenson and Evan Brown) discusses trends which are almost certainly going to hit South Africa in the near future. We do tend to follow the US and Europe when it comes to many Web trends and with that comes a series of legal issues which are also bound to pop up along the way.

So if you would like to find out what the current news is and the legal perspectives, consider subscribing to this podcast. The US-centric legal references may not make much sense to you but learning more about the legal risks at the cutting edge will be helpful.

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