Updated terms of appointment

Update: We received feedback from some of our clients about our revised terms and realised we have done a Facebook! We have reverted back to version 4.1 of our terms of appointment and are undertaking a more collaborative review process prior to updating our terms of appointment to the next version.

I have kept the links below in place for completeness sake but bear in mind that the terms of appointment reflected on our site are version 4.1, not the newer version. Version 4.5 is to be considered a draft document.

I have just uploaded our updated terms of appointment. The new proposed version is version 4.5 and it is available for review and download from this site and directly from Scribd. If you would like to take a look at what was changed between the previous version, version 4.1, and this new version, you can do so by taking a look at a comparison document which is also available on Scribd.

The biggest change to the terms of appointment is the introduction of a variable fee model which is based on payment terms. To date, our payment terms have been on presentation of our invoices although a number of our clients are paying invoices on variable terms. The new variable fee model accommodates those extended payment terms within the legal framework of our relationship with you as clients.

We have also introduced a framework for commitments to delivery dates and times with discounts for late delivery. Part of this is a commitment to avoid taking on work which may affect our ability to deliver timeously.

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