Changing perceptions of the social Web from a legal perspective

I was invited to speak at the IT Governance Forum/Conference yesterday in Rosebank. I spoke about social media and some of the legal challenges social media use introduces. I have this nagging feeling that many people don’t take social media seriously enough to recognise that there are real legal challenges.

I made the point that social media is perhaps seen as a little warm and fuzzy and without all that much substance. There is a lot of emphasis on sharing and not all that much on the very real impact social media can have on a business’ bottom line.

Many of the attendees at the event weren’t familiar with Twitter, for example, and while Twitter might be seen as somewhat superficial, it can have a profound impact on a business if the right people spread bad reviews (or good, for that matter) to the right connections.

My slides are below if you are interested in the topics I talked about:

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