A quick post for our fans

You may not be aware that we have a Facebook Page for web.tech.law that updates as new posts are added to the main site. If you spend a fair amount of time on Facebook then why not become a fan?

FB Page screenshot.png

facebook_64.pngIf you have any ideas or suggestions for the Facebook Page, feel free to post them or send us a message either from Facebook or from the web.tech.law site itself. I’d certainly like to use the Page more productively and any feedback would be welcome.

You can also become a fan directly from the main site by clicking on the “Become a fan” button on the right in the sidebar.

google_64.pngIf you happen to be more of a Google or Twitter person, you can also join our Google Friend Connect community using the Friend Connect panel in the sidebar to the right. I happen to have a preference for Friend Connect and I am constantly thinking about how to integrate it better into the site. One of the advantages of Friend Connect is that you can join that part of the web.tech.law community using your Google, Twitter, OpenID and AIM credentials. It is also attractive for people who are not Facebook fans and would prefer to use their existing credentials rather than create a new account.

twitter_64.pngSpeaking of Twitter, we have a Twitter account we update from time to time. Our Twitter name/handle is @webtechlaw so feel free to follow us and check out our lists of interesting Twitter users and thinkers.

Of course you are also welcome to join the web.tech.law site as a member too. We are working on ways to add more value to our members on the site. Actually, it would probably be most helpful to integrate all our communities into the site better so any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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