5 years and looking ahead to even more

This last Sunday was Jacobson Attorneys’ 5th anniversary. It was also the first day of a new phase for my firm, in a way. It feels like just last week that I announced that Shirley Fodor had joined me as a partner in my firm. Shirley decided to move on and last Friday was her last day at the firm.

boards of canada:a moment of clarity

As Jacobson Attorneys enters its 6th year I can’t help but remember that 5 years ago today I was leaning into my new practice, just days after leaving employment with Werksmans. It was a pretty exciting time, creating this new practice. The last 5 years have been both challenging and exciting. One of my major turning points was combining my passion for social media with my legal practice long before anyone was really thinking about the implications of social media as it intersects the law, at least not in South Africa.

Creating this speciality has been terrific for me because it has given me an opportunity to work in a space that thrills me. Most lawyers are too familiar with a growing sense that they are in a profession they are not passionate about. I have encountered so many lawyers who realise, after a decade or more doing what they do, that legal practice doesn’t inspire them and they wish for some other opportunity either out of a law firm environment or out of law altogether. Running my small firm has helped me find the work that really floats my boat and that has been wonderful.

I thought this 5th birthday was a good time to make a couple changes. One of those changes is a refresh to this site. I decided to move my site to WordPress and, yes, the theme is the default theme that ships with WordPress 3.x. I like it a lot and the clean look of the theme. The main thing on this site, though, is the content and I have a couple ideas for interesting and challenging posts going forward.

One of the challenges I intend to meet is practising law in a more effective and accessible way. I have a nagging sense that there must be a better way to do this work and make my contributions more meaningful for my clients. It isn’t about page counts and jargon but something else, something more. When I applied for a spot in law school many years ago I wrote that I saw law as part of the the fabric of our society itself and I still believe that. Law isn’t an add-on to what we do, it permeates virtually everything we do. Legal services should reflect that and, to an extent, they do but I’d like to see more of that. That, at least, is one of my hopes for the months and years to come.

Image credit: boards of canada:a moment of clarity by visualpanic licensed under CC BY 2.0

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