Metaphors and copyright

I heard about renowned copyright lawyer, William Patry‘s, book Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars on a recent episode of This Week in Law so I went looking for the book on Amazon to see if it is available for my Kindle DX. It turned out that the Kindle version isn’t available to South African customers so I got in touch with Mr Patry to ask him whether he knew if it would become available to South African customers at some point (these regional restrictions are one of my biggest gripes about ebook availability).

He was kind enough to send me a draft version of his book instead and pointed me to this video interview in which he talks about how metaphors affect copyright issues, or at least how they affect our approach to those issues. It is a fascinating perspective on copyright issues and I am really excited to read this book. The interview runs to about 16 minutes but it is worth watching:

William Patry of Google from Intellectual Property Watch on Vimeo.

Copyright Counsel for Google William Patry speaks in his own capacity to Intellectual Property Watch about his new book, “Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars.”

If you are not familiar with William Patry, he is a leading copyright lawyer in the United States and is Google’s senior copyright lawyer. He blogs in support of his book in his personal capacity.

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