Why our obsession with Facebook should matter to you

I just noticed this on Mashable and thought I would share it with you. There are some pretty interesting statistics which are worth bearing in mind when developing an approach to Facebook as a marketing channel as well as developing your approach to your employees’ social media use, whether that be through a social media policy or similar policy framework within your business.

What is revealing about this infographic is that Facebook is an increasing part of younger people’s lives, as well as us older types. This becomes an important consideration when deciding how much access to the social Web employers will permit. One risk (and I think it is a real risk) is that prospective hires may shy away from employers that are more restrictive than those who permit more moderate access to the social Web. Another consideration is how much news and information people receive through social networks. Often this news and information is what enables people to do their jobs a little more effectively in an increasingly connected world. Cutting off access to those social networks is going to be increasingly analogous to denying employees access to email.


Obsessed with Facebook
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