Today is a big day for my little company. I created a site at webtechlaw.com a couple years ago with the intention of it being the new home for my firm, Jacobson Attorneys, which I started in August 2005. The idea was pretty loosely formed but it seemed like a cool domain given my ambitions at the time. In the time that followed the idea morphed and I decided it would be far more interesting to create a completely separate business to carry the web.tech.law brand than just use it as an alias for Jacobson Attorneys. Today that standalone business goes live, launches, starts trading and turns on (you or generally, your choice).

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What excites me about web.tech.law’s model is that it isn’t a conventional legal services business. It has a multi-disciplinary approach to an unconventional space that seems to defy our expectations of how things should happen and how people should behave. It requires a different approach and more than a passing familiarity with that Internet thing. I’ve written about the model all over this site and I won’t rehash all that.

This venture excites me and I think it is something that can have a real impact. Businesses and agencies go to their lawyers expecting them to understand the space they work in and when it comes to virtually any industry there are great lawyers doing mindblowing work. When it comes to social marketing there are very few lawyers who understand what is going on and how to combine the law’s often bitter, yet complex, taste with the social Web’s fruity and crazy goodness. I think I have a pretty decent recipe in web.tech.law (I tried to avoid the cliched metaphors, I really did).

Take a look around the site. I’ve changed the content and site structure to better reflect what web.tech.law can do for you. Follow web.tech.law on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook on the Web and, if you prefer, you can also subscribe to emails with new posts.

If you are interested in the launch release, you can find that here.

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