Privacy, reputation and vacation ownership

I was asked to present at the 2012 VOASA Conference in Durban and I thought I would share my presentation slides and a few other relevant links and materials with you, my readers and clients, as well as the conference delegates in this post. The two other lawyers presenting at the event were asked to present on aspects of the Consumer Protection Act as they related to VOASA’s members so I focused on privacy and reputational issues arising out of marketing practices instead.

My Presentation

I was allocated 20 minutes to present so I had to keep my presentation shorter than usual:

I’ve been experimenting with SoundCloud lately and planned to record my presentation and publish the audio though SoundCloud. This post will be up before I present so I will add the audio below if I am able to capture my audio. I recorded my presentation using SoundCloud and the recording is below. I apologise for any audio quality issues in advance. I was using my phone to capture the presentation and run it through Keynote.

Related Links

I’ve written about the topics I mentioned in my presentation and here are some of the posts:

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