Hangout: What we’re talking about at the 2012 #ITWebSocial Summit

Today’s Hangout will be an interview/discussion with Tallulah from ITWeb Events about our contribution to the ITWeb Social Media Summit next week. We’re going to run the Hangout on our Google+ page and embed the video on our event page. The Hangout will begin at roughly 3pm today and should be streamed live as well as recorded for you to watch later.


We’re making this a cross-platform Hangout and ITWeb Events has invited its fans to submit questions for Paul to answer on Twitter. If you would like to participate on Twitter, simply tweet your question and include the #ITWebSocial hashtag. You can also @-mention us @webtechlaw or Paul at @pauljacobson.

If you’d like to participate on Google+, we have published an open invitation. At the moment event invitations and Hangouts they promote don’t integrate very well so look out for the link to the actual Hangout on our page. If you join the Hangout, post questions in the chat window or in the comments on the Hangout post itself. It’s a little complicated but we’ll keep an eye out for great questions all over the place.

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