Thoughts about legal frameworks in the near future

A couple photos from the Deloitte Tech Trends 2013 event

We attended the Deloitte Tech Trends 2013 event at the Wanderers Club yesterday. It is an annual event and we had an opportunity to hear from several Deloitte executives, including Mark White, Deloitte’s Global CTO. Although the discussion focused on technology trends and how businesses are (and can) incorporate them into business processes (the emphasis was on business-driven technology implementations, not just technology for its own sake), we couldn’t help but think about the implications for legal frameworks and how law may be applied in a near future era of billions of smart and connected devices.

We created a Storify which is basically a stream of consciousness as we thought the process through in 140 characters at a time.

//[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “Legal frameworks for autonomous machines” on Storify</a>]<h1>Legal frameworks for autonomous machines</h1><h2>We were at the Deloitte Tech Trends 2013 event yesterday in Johannesburg and, although the discussion focused on business-driven technology, we couldn’t help but think about the implications for legal frameworks in the near future.This Storify is basically a stream of consciousness tweet stream.</h2><p>Storified by <a href=””>Paul Jacobson</a>&middot; Thu, Mar 07 2013 22:49:21</p>

It’s worth downloading the report and reading through it.
For those unable to attend the @DeloitteSA #TechTrends2013 event this morning, here is a link to the report: Graham
Realistically, we will see more and more intelligence permeating supply chains, production and collaboration #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
What becomes really interesting is weaving appropriate legal frameworks into intelligent and automated networks #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Interesting perspective: the iPhone in business originated in grassroots demand, the iPad in executive demand #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Good question: why don’t we have contextual, comprehensive and appropriate data feeds and dashboards in business? #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
What technology brings to social interaction is scale and efficiencies. Similar benefits for business #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
“Social business” is not a marketing device, it is partly what business has always been, enriched with technology #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
White: social by design starts with a business objective and proceeds to an appropriate medium or technology choice #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Social reingineering, by design, is a fascinating technical and business challenge but what about the legal frameworks? #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
#socialdynamics introduce equally fascinating elements into social business design and development from a legal perspective #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Legal frameworks underpin all of these social, technology and business initiatives and must be just as dynamic #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Content, context & community are all aspects that should have appropriate & inter-related legal frameworks to support them #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Design also has an important role in legal framework development, interaction design is especially interesting #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Connecting (Full Film)Bassett & Partners
#IPv6 will potentially give all your devices and touch points identities, consider how legal relationships would work #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
If your legal team can’t adapt and keep up with business engineering projects, they will hold you back or leave you exposed #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Device development will only change at an increasing pace and this challenges Legal’s relevance if it can’t keep up #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
What does a more dynamic, mobile and interactive digital platform mean for how legal frameworks must evolve? #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Here is an interesting challenge: developing interactive #legalframeworks for automated social transactions #TechTrends2013Web.Tech.Law
Bringing billions of sensors and devices online scales the amount of data tremendously, law has to become code #TechTrend2013Web.Tech.Law
Data scientists are increasingly in demand, tomorrow’s lawyers will have to be hybrid coders #TechTrend2013Web.Tech.Law

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