Improved descriptions of our work and something extra on LinkedIn

I have a quick update on our service offerings with something special for LinkedIn users. We’ve been working on clearer explanations of the work we do a little while now. My goals have been to simplify how we describe the work we do and, at the same time, adequately describe our specialities. Today’s version of the “Our work” page strikes that balance. Here is the short version:

Web•Tech•Law is a specialist risk consultancy focused on –

We have a new service offering designed specifically for both digital and traditional marketers which is the first of its kind in South Africa (as far as I’m aware, at least). I called it our Marketing Campaign Compliance Assessment service offering and its the product of an exciting new collaboration. Here is a quick preview, you can read more about it on the service offering’s page:

Web•Tech•Law has teamed up with Clear Copy to offer an affiliated legal and risk consultancy service targeted at the digital and traditional communications industry. Clear Copy, founded by Gail Schimmel, offers specialised advertising and marketing regulation advice. With the lines between digital marketing and traditional marketing becoming more and more blurred, there is a need for risk and legal advice that covers all aspects of this dynamic space. By affiliating, Clear Copy and Web•Tech•Law can work together to offer clients a one stop communications shop.

I have also published a guide for prospective clients titled “Working with Web•Tech•Law” which is designed as an introduction to Web•Tech•Law and how we work. I’ve received positive feedback from clients when we are more transparent about how clients register with us, what our fees are and so on and this is another way of being more open about how we work.

LinkedIn updates


I’ve also been working on Web•Tech•Law’s LinkedIn presence. LinkedIn is a terrific platform for business, as you know, and I’m constantly thinking about how to take better advantage of what it has to offer us. We’ve had a company page for Web•Tech•Law for a while now and its one way to keep up with our blog posts and shared items from time to time.

LinkedIn replaced product and service descriptions on company pages with what it calls Showcase Pages a while ago so I have also published Showcase Pages that focus on specific services:

We have a few more updates lined up in the coming weeks and months too.

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