Workshops for digital teams

We have an exciting addition to our consulting services which we have just launched: workshops for digital teams. We’ve noticed that competitive pressures have forced teams to expand their knowledge of the risks they face, whether they are developing digital campaigns or exploring the amazing potential offered by our increasingly interconnected and socially engaged landscape.

Given our focus on digital risk, privacy and data use, our workshops are designed to enhance our consulting services by sharing our knowledge of these topics, their themes and how they impact the work you and your team are doing. We have three types of workshop for each topic based on how much knowledge you want to take away from the workshops and run for around two hours; half a day or a full day. Each workshop also includes a few features that we believe add great value to your experience:

  • Our workshops are interactive and we encourage participation, whether that be through questions or debate;
  • We will include relevant references and content for further reading, exploration or discussion; and
  • We will give you feedback after the workshop on the issues which seem to be top of mind for your participants and what we recommend you do about those issues.

If you choose our “Advanced” or “Master Class” workshop options, we will also meet with you beforehand to get to know your business better so we can highlight specific concerns you may already have or issues you are interested in within the broader workshop materials.

Our first topic is “Privacy and data use“. It is a huge topic at the moment and we keep receiving requests for practical information about it. We will publish information about our “Direct marketing compliance” and “Digital risks” workshops soon.

In the meantime, please contact us if you would like to book a workshop with us.

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