This site is now archived

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated this site for some time. My life has gone in a different direction so I’ve decided to archive this site. There may still be some useful information here (although, as time goes on, less so). Thank you for visiting the site these last few years!

Shifting Facebook privacy challenges

When you think about causes for concern when it comes to privacy online, Facebook frequently comes to mind. The world’s largest online social network has roughly 1.32 billion monthly active users with an average of 829 million active daily users in June 2014. It’s no wonder that privacy regulators are watching Facebook and other largeContinue reading “Shifting Facebook privacy challenges”

A quick note about the Cell C rebranding and ™

The Cell C rebranding has sparked a furious debate about the merits of the new logo as well as Cell C’s campaign involving Trevor Noah. In critiquing the new logo a number of people, myself included for some inexplicable reason, confused the significance of the ™ symbol with the ® symbol and have referred toContinue reading “A quick note about the Cell C rebranding and ™”