The growing importance of online sentiment to stock markets

The notion that online sentiment is a critical risk factor, especially in the context of stock markets and share trades, is gaining momentum. Australian Dionne Lew, the CEO of The Social Executive, wrote an article for Leading Company titled “Social media: Love it or loathe it, the ASX says you can no longer ignore it” in which she highlights the increasing impact online sentiment in services like Twitter and blogs (still relevant and important after all these years) has on companies’ bottom lines, particularly in the context of stock exchanges.

Marketers who improperly use company names could face criminal and civil penalties

Anyone running a social media profile on a client’s behalf should be very careful when tweeting or posting on the client’s behalf. The consequences of careless references to or variations of a company’s name could be severe under certain understated provisions of the new Companies Act. The Companies Act’s provisions Section 32 of the CompaniesContinue reading “Marketers who improperly use company names could face criminal and civil penalties”

Online Reputation Management is good corporate governance practice

Online Reputation Management (or “ORM”) tools are remarkable marketing tools. They help provide insights into what customers are saying, virtually in realtime, about your organisation, your brand and even your competitors (well, just about anything you want to know about – you frequently get to choose parameters). I recently wrote about ORM in the contextContinue reading “Online Reputation Management is good corporate governance practice”