Employer appropriates an ex-employee’s LinkedIn account

An American executive unsuccessfully sought to have her LinkedIn profile restored to her after her former employer appropriated her profile when she left the company. According to Internet Cases:   After plaintiff was fired as an executive, her former employer (using the password known by another employee) took over plaintiffs LinkedIn account. It kept all of plaintiff’sContinue reading “Employer appropriates an ex-employee’s LinkedIn account”

SA Judge approves service of court papers using Facebook

Judge Esther Steyn, sitting in the Durban High Court, made history yesterday when she approved service of court documents on Peter Odendaal, a defendant in a trial action in that court. It appears from a report on IOL that Mr Odendaal’s attorneys withdrew from the matter and did not leave a current address for MrContinue reading “SA Judge approves service of court papers using Facebook”

Shaun Dewberry and NetDynamix clash over streaming radio statistics

  A storm over Netdynamix’s reported listener statistics has erupted after Shaun Dewberry, a self-described “digital rockstar with a passion for rock music (especially South African), motorcycles (especially Superbikes), and life hacking (especially nmap)”, published a report titled “The Truth Behind Streaming Internet Radio In South Africa” challenging Netdynamix’s reported statistics. NetDynamix is an audioContinue reading “Shaun Dewberry and NetDynamix clash over streaming radio statistics”

The President, his penis and the Streisand Effect

Background If you have missed the controversy that arose in the last few days about a depiction of President Zuma with his penis exposed called “The Spear”, this is what it is all about: The painting is part of an exhibition by Brett Murray called “Hail to the Thief II”, a sequel to his 2010Continue reading “The President, his penis and the Streisand Effect”

Is porn industry regulation a freedom of expression issue?

Fiona Snyckers wrote an interesting post for Thought Leader titled “Regulation of the porn industry is not a free speech issue“. Her basic premise is that the porn, or adult entertainment, industry is primarily a commercial endeavour and content the content the industry produces is not protected as “free speech”. Leaving aside whether its desirableContinue reading “Is porn industry regulation a freedom of expression issue?”

Timelines.com sues to block Facebook’s public Timeline rollout

Update: Mashable has since updated its post to note that while the court filings don’t mention Facebook’s decision to delay activating Timeline for its users, there is apparently a message from Facebook indicating that Timeline will go public on 6 October 2011. History oriented Web service, Timelines.com, has applied to the United States District CourtContinue reading “Timelines.com sues to block Facebook’s public Timeline rollout”

Privacy, freedom of expression and Julius Malema’s failed City Press gag attempt

When Julius Malema learned that the City Press was about to publish details of his wealth and resources, he launched an urgent application to stop the publication from going to press. Judge Colin Lamont ruled against Malema in an judgment which seems reminiscent of the judgment against the former and late Health Minister, Judge LamontContinue reading “Privacy, freedom of expression and Julius Malema’s failed City Press gag attempt”

Advocate swears at judge, storms out of court

One of my clients mentioned a story to me during a consultation yesterday involving an advocate who, while being questioned by a Cape High Court judge, swore at the judge and stormed out of court. The story has been pretty widely reported in the local media and, at first glance, appears somewhat amusing. Below isContinue reading “Advocate swears at judge, storms out of court”

Courts are not always interested in defamation cases

An Hendrina attorney, James Charles Reynecke Smith, recently had his appeal to the Pretoria High Court regarding his unsuccessful defamation claim rejected because “the incident was insignificant and did not warrant the court’s attention”. According to News24, Smith had just moved into new offices and was having new carpets installed. Mats apparently had to beContinue reading “Courts are not always interested in defamation cases”

Twitter accounts equated to domain names in trade mark action

I came across an interesting case in the United States on Evan Brown’s Internet Cases blog which he also mentioned in a recent This Week in Law episode. The case is interesting because although the ruling appears to be provisional relief as part of a larger set of proceedings (I am not familiar with theContinue reading “Twitter accounts equated to domain names in trade mark action”