The Entertainment Industry isn’t suffering – part 2

TechDirt has published its second “The Sky is Rising” report revealing some pretty good industry growth metrics despite the doom and gloom mantras chanted by industry representatives: For years now, the legacy entertainment industry has been predicting its own demise, claiming that the rise of technology, by enabling easy duplication and sharing — and thusContinue reading “The Entertainment Industry isn’t suffering – part 2”

Media myths about the new Instagram Terms of Use

A number of media services are clinging to the idea that Instagram is selling users’ content and that Instagram has the right to do this in perpetuity. As usual, many of these media services have not taken the time to actually read and understand the Terms of Use or the changes that are coming nextContinue reading “Media myths about the new Instagram Terms of Use”

The Facebookification of Instagram’s Terms of Use

Update (2012-12-21): Instagram has published a revised version of the Terms of Use. You can read about the changes in our follow-up post. Instagram announced changes to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in an innocuous blog post on 17 December 2012: Our community has grown a lot since we wrote our original termsContinue reading “The Facebookification of Instagram’s Terms of Use”

The SA iTunes Store and your rights

Apple expanded the South African iTunes Store earlier this week with a fairly comprehensive music catalogue. The Store does not include TV series, movies and a meaningful bookstore. It also does not yet include a number of games and applications that are available in more complete stores like the US and UK stores. The SouthContinue reading “The SA iTunes Store and your rights”

A panicked Entertainment Industry and its destructive metaphors

  This article was initially published on Mark Lives. This is a modified version. We’re so accustomed to the term “piracy” in the context of copyright infringement that we just accept that it is an appropriate term for what is going on. The Entertainment Industry decries rampant content piracy and how the artists are sufferingContinue reading “A panicked Entertainment Industry and its destructive metaphors”

New restrictions on intellectual property transfers outside South Africa

Michalsons Attorneys recently pointed out that the Currency and Exchanges Act was recently expanded to address intellectual property transfers outside of South Africa. The Act, through its regulations, requires any person wishing to export “capital” or any “right to capital” from South Africa requires permission from the South African Reserve Bank. Until recently, the definitionContinue reading “New restrictions on intellectual property transfers outside South Africa”

Instagram’s new content license (it still doesn’t own your content)

Rian van der Merwe posted a tweet asking me to comment on the changes to Instagram’s Terms of Service: @pauljacobson I thought you might be able to shed some light?… — Rian van der Merwe (@RianVDM) April 30, 2012 // Rian posted the new license from the terms on his one blog and IContinue reading “Instagram’s new content license (it still doesn’t own your content)”

Google Drive and the data ownership panic

Google Drive launched a couple days ago and some new publications are already writing about possible data ownership issues. It’s a common concern whenever a new service launches or website terms and conditions change. Darren Smith pointed me to an article by C|Net titled “Who owns your files on Google Drive?” which had a somewhatContinue reading “Google Drive and the data ownership panic”

Pinterest’s amended terms still leave users exposed

Pinterest (I am going to be a little lazy in this post and refer to “Pinterest” when discussing both the site and its creator, Cold Brew Labs) has been in the spotlight quite a bit lately due to its terms of service as well as content creators’ concerns that their content is being shared withoutContinue reading “Pinterest’s amended terms still leave users exposed”