MXit’s inappropriate website terms and conditions language

I have been doing some preparation for a talk I am giving to parents at a school this evening and one of the services I am going to chat about is the popular messaging service, MXit. I came across this wording in MXit’s terms and conditions which struck me as somewhat odd: Unless otherwise statedContinue reading “MXit’s inappropriate website terms and conditions language”

LinkedIn’s privacy policy changes underscore a larger threat to users

LinkedIn has caused quite a fuss in the last few days with its changes to its privacy policy on 16 June 2011 enabling it to make use of users’ profile photos and names in what it terms “social advertising”, among other things. What is more interesting is how it gave itself the right to doContinue reading “LinkedIn’s privacy policy changes underscore a larger threat to users”

Add nutmeg to your Terms of Service and whisk briefly

One of my contacts on Google+, York Zucchi, pointed me to his website terms and conditions on his site which I had to share. The terms (well, this is really a liability disclaimer, not a complete set of website terms and conditions) are somewhat simple and not appropriate for all uses but they are aContinue reading “Add nutmeg to your Terms of Service and whisk briefly”

What Dropbox’s revised Terms of Service mean for you

When Dropbox amended its Terms of Service it sparked a controversy about the popular file sharing and cloud-based storage service’s apparent user content grab. As with virtually all controversies about expanded content licensing provisions, many users feared Dropbox was claiming ownership of their content. This is not correct at all but the amended license provisionsContinue reading “What Dropbox’s revised Terms of Service mean for you”

Sorry, no iPads allowed in your promotion

The iPad must be one of the hottest consumer devices at the moment and are popular prizes in promotional competitions. Unfortunately Apple forbids companies from using iPads, iPhones and iPhone gift cards in their promotional competitions. Apple’s promotional guidelines which date back to April 2010 open with the following clause: If you choose to giveContinue reading “Sorry, no iPads allowed in your promotion”

What Twitpic’s Terms of Service really say about your copyright

The Web is abuzz about indications that popular Twitter-based photo sharing service, Twitpic, recently amended its Terms of Service to give itself the right to sell your photos and videos (“your content”) or otherwise take ownership of your content. This rumour has, understandably, sparked outrage and inspired a series of posts and tweets about howContinue reading “What Twitpic’s Terms of Service really say about your copyright”

How your blog can be taken from you

Blog platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, Posterous and are very popular, as are other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. While the majority of these services’ users are individuals, there are a substantial number of business users who are drawn to the opportunities these services present. What these users often don’t realise is that their blogsContinue reading “How your blog can be taken from you”

Are email disclaimers enforceable?

The Economist has a thought provoking article titled “Spare us the email yada-yada” with the subtitle “Automatic e-mail footers are not just annoying. They are legally useless”. The article highlights some of the challenges facing email disclaimers and there are just no clear answers that I have come across. The central challenge is the following:Continue reading “Are email disclaimers enforceable?”

Managing your contracts more effectively

Having your contracts prepared and signed is only part of your contract management process. It is usually also only the beginning of what could be a long relationship with your contracting party. It makes sense to give some serious thought to an ongoing contract management process for you business. Reasons for this include – LegislativeContinue reading “Managing your contracts more effectively”