Workshops for digital teams

We have an exciting addition to our consulting services which we have just launched: workshops for digital teams. We’ve noticed that competitive pressures have forced teams to expand their knowledge of the risks they face, whether they are developing digital campaigns or exploring the amazing potential offered by our increasingly interconnected and socially engaged landscape.Continue reading “Workshops for digital teams”

Improved descriptions of our work and something extra on LinkedIn

I have a quick update on our service offerings with something special for LinkedIn users. We’ve been working on clearer explanations of the work we do a little while now. My goals have been to simplify how we describe the work we do and, at the same time, adequately describe our specialities. Today’s version ofContinue reading “Improved descriptions of our work and something extra on LinkedIn”

The legal profession has it wrong with working mothers

I met with a law student the other day to discuss her possibly doing vacation work at my firm in July after her June exams. She told me about a discussion her class had with a female lecturer recently where the lecturer advised female students to forget about having a family until they had progressedContinue reading “The legal profession has it wrong with working mothers”

What do clients want and how can lawyers deliver?

John Giles, one of the partners over at Michalsons, published a post every lawyer should read. His post is titled “What clients want” and it certainly got my attention: I recently used an attorney to evict one of my tenants and recover rent that they had not paid. It was really interesting to be onContinue reading “What do clients want and how can lawyers deliver?”

WTF Media Conference presentation slides

I presented at the 2010 WTF Media Conference earlier today on the topic of how social media is impacting on traditional legal approaches to challenges arising out of social media use. I spoke for about half an hour and touched on a couple trends and issues I have been thinking about lately. Here are myContinue reading “WTF Media Conference presentation slides”

Public service post: National Wills Week

The Law Society has published a release in support of National Wills Week: The six constituent members of the Law Society of South Africa (the Law Society of the Northern Provinces, the Cape Law Society, the Law Society of the Free State, the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society, the Black Lawyers Association and the National Association ofContinue reading “Public service post: National Wills Week”

Internet and the Law – a short course you should consider

Update: GetSmarter is offering readers and subscribers and my followers a 10% discount on the course fee. Register on the site and use the promo code “pauljacobson” when you sign up if you would like to take advantage of the discount. I’ve been asked to be the course convener for a pretty course beingContinue reading “Internet and the Law – a short course you should consider”