Rate Sheet – Our Fees

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In our Appointment Terms, we mentioned this Rate Sheet which describes our fees and charges. Most of our quoted fees are based on the work that our clients require so the fees described in this document are not a closed list and exclude VAT. We may also quote you different fees for some of the items listed here if the work requires warrants a different fee.

We communicate substantial changes to our fee structure to our clients by email and, generally, on our website.

Standard 20% discount

All of our fee options come with our 20% discount when you pay the discounted fee upfront. As we mentioned in our Appointment Terms, we request payment upfront by default so we would apply the discount automatically. If we agree that you may pay us after we begin working for you, the discount will usually fall away.

Hourly rates

We rarely charge for our services on an hourly basis. When we do, our hourly rates depend on who is assisting you and the nature of the work we are doing for you. Generally speaking our hourly rates range between R1 500 and R3 000. We charge more junior team members out at lower rates (typically R1 500) and our most senior people will charge higher rates. As a general rule these are our hourly rates:

  • Directors (for example, Paul Jacobson) charge up to R3 000 per hour;
  • Associates (for example, Alicia Koch) are charged out at between R1 500 and R2 000; and
  • Other external team members charge variable rates which we will discuss with you upfront.

We track our time in 6 minute increments, regardless of how we charge for our work. When we charge hourly, every 6 minutes is charged at a tenth of the applicable hourly rate (this is why we use 6 minute increments).

Sometimes the work we do merits a higher or lower charge than our typical applicable rate. For example, relatively simple projects may not merit a higher rate even though a senior member of our team works on it.

We generally apply individual hourly rates depending on who charges time to a particular project but we are exploring the possibility of setting hourly rates for specific projects, irrespective of who works on that project. The rate we apply will fall within the range we mentioned above.

As with our fixed and retainer fees, we will discuss our rates with you when we begin working with you.

Regular fixed fees

Some of our fixed fees are, well, fixed and are fairly standard. Again, we may quote you different fees for these items if it is not appropriate to charge these fees. These fees do not include any external provider costs or other costs.

  • Initial meetings and reviews: R6 500
  • High-level presentations at conferences or internal company events: R15 000 for a one and a half to two hour presentation
  • Intermediate level workshops: R45 000 for half a day
  • In depth workshops: R75 000 for a full day where we will go into considerable detail on the particular topic

Our workshops include several features in addition to our presentations and insights themselves. Look out for our specific workshop pages with more details very soon. In the meantime, contact us if you would like us to run a workshop for you and your team.

External provider costs

We tend not to charge any markup for external providers’ fees and costs. We will invoice you for these as separate line items in our invoices to you.

We may charge a separate fee relating to these costs where our services are ancillary to the work our external providers have done or where we add some value to their work. For example, we will pass along the cost of legal research done on a topic and we will charge a related fee for our analysis of the research and advice based on that research.

Other costs

As with external provider costs, we will pass any other costs along to you without a markup from us. These costs include travel costs (generally out of town travel costs, we don’t charge for travel within our city) such as airline tickets, car rental and so on. We may prefer to book some of our travel arrangements ourselves as we receive good prices from some of our vendors. We’ll discuss this with you should the need arise.

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