Open sourcing legal documents

I thought I was being relatively radical and progressive when I wrote about how the approaching legal documents business singularity but it seems I was just joining a crowd of progressives. Two recent posts caught my attention recently which illustrate this growing trend. In the first post, titled “Standardizing (vs. Reforming) Contract Drafting“, William CarltonContinue reading “Open sourcing legal documents”

Managing your contracts more effectively

Having your contracts prepared and signed is only part of your contract management process. It is usually also only the beginning of what could be a long relationship with your contracting party. It makes sense to give some serious thought to an ongoing contract management process for you business. Reasons for this include – LegislativeContinue reading “Managing your contracts more effectively”

Automated contracts, free legal documents and the singularity

I wrote about the coming legal practice singularity recently. Legal practice is changing rapidly and the prospect of a sufficiently advanced artificial intelligence to start taking over many legal research and similar tasks is fascinating. Unfortunately for many lawyers the wait may not be quite as long as it may take for such artificial intelligenceContinue reading “Automated contracts, free legal documents and the singularity”

The broken legal services model and the page count myth

The current legal services model is fundamentally flawed. At least certain common perceptions of the legal services model are. In my modest experience, clients, and a great many lawyers, see the legal services business as essentially being about two things: production of documents and/or time based attendances. Those perceptions do both clients and the legalContinue reading “The broken legal services model and the page count myth”