Let my followers go

@dkafouris @pauljacobson Your legal opinions please 🙂 > Who owns your social media account when you resign? http://t.co/juqDI9DE — David Graham (@DavidGrahamSA) February 1, 2013 The question of who owns your social media account and can legitimately claim your connections with your communities has popped up again in the last few days. David Graham fromContinue reading “Let my followers go”

Google+ Pages off to a good start for consumers

Google released Google+ Pages for brands publicly last night (South African time) to much excitement on the Web. Google+ has, until now, been reserved for humans posting as themselves and Google has been criticized for not allowing brands to create pages and for insisting that users use their real names and not pseudonyms (Google seemsContinue reading “Google+ Pages off to a good start for consumers”

Twitter accounts equated to domain names in trade mark action

I came across an interesting case in the United States on Evan Brown’s Internet Cases blog which he also mentioned in a recent This Week in Law episode. The case is interesting because although the ruling appears to be provisional relief as part of a larger set of proceedings (I am not familiar with theContinue reading “Twitter accounts equated to domain names in trade mark action”

Smart companies are embracing innovative legal solutions

I noticed that what companies were talking about started to change towards the end of 2010. I noticed that companies were talking to me about how they can best manage the inevitable risks their employees pose as more and more employees embrace and use social media services like Twitter. What I found especially interesting wasContinue reading “Smart companies are embracing innovative legal solutions”