Parental involvement in children’s Facebook activities is essential

Technically only children aged 13 and older may register and maintain Facebook profiles but, in practice, children younger than this are active on Facebook. Children being active on the Internet poses a number of challenges, especially to their privacy and safety so it is essential that parents supervise their children when they use online services.Continue reading “Parental involvement in children’s Facebook activities is essential”

What parents can do to better protect their children’s privacy online

Our children are growing up with digital devices and an increasingly social Web and are, in the process, sharing their personal information, oblivious to the risks. Parents are increasingly finding themselves in foreign territory with no real idea where to begin to address their children’s privacy. This post is intended to give parents an overviewContinue reading “What parents can do to better protect their children’s privacy online”

The trouble with children these days

I’ve written about the importance of terms of use and privacy policies online a number of times and the contractual nature of those documents. They form an important part of a site’s contractual framework that governs access to and use of a site. Although most people don’t take the time to read those documents, whenContinue reading “The trouble with children these days”