Privacy, reputation and vacation ownership

I was asked to present at the 2012 VOASA Conference in Durban and I thought I would share my presentation slides and a few other relevant links and materials with you, my readers and clients, as well as the conference delegates in this post. The two other lawyers presenting at the event were asked toContinue reading “Privacy, reputation and vacation ownership”

Presenting at the Social Media Marketing in Africa conference

I am going to present at the Social Media Marketing in Africa conference tomorrow morning about the legal risks that arise out of social media marketing initiatives. It sounds a little negative but I see this general topic as being both about risks and opportunities – it really depends on how you approach and manageContinue reading “Presenting at the Social Media Marketing in Africa conference”

WTF Media Conference presentation slides

I presented at the 2010 WTF Media Conference earlier today on the topic of how social media is impacting on traditional legal approaches to challenges arising out of social media use. I spoke for about half an hour and touched on a couple trends and issues I have been thinking about lately. Here are myContinue reading “WTF Media Conference presentation slides”