Consent for Direct Marketing Under POPI

The Protection of Personal Information Act has particular interest for direct marketers because of the likely substantial impact the legislation will have on consumer-facing initiatives when it goes into effect. POPI has a section that deals specifically with and introduces a consent model designed for direct marketing. It is an interesting model and I’ll explain why in this post.

Introducing POPI’s processing conditions

There is a lot more to the anticipated Protection of Personal Information Act and, in this post, I’d like to introduce you to what are known as “Conditions for lawful processing of personal information”. These conditions effectively operate as processing parameters and will have a relatively subtle but substantial impact on direct marketing because they limit the scope of what personal information can be processed and for how long.

First National Bank and its marketing consent problem

Innovative bank, FNB, has a consent problem. Jason Elk published a blog post over the weekend titled “FNB, what on earth are you doing to your customers?” in which he took issue with a consent mechanism FNB has been making use of or some time now. Essentially, this consent mechanism requires that customers agree toContinue reading “First National Bank and its marketing consent problem”

Extracts from a discussion about privacy and the Protection of Personal Information Bill

This is a partial recording from Marketing Mix‘s Permission Based Marketing Conference in Cape Town on 2012-06-01 where I was a panelist speaking about privacy and the Protection of Personal Information Bill. I recorded part of my contribution to the discussion and this recording covers the nature of privacy from the perspective of the BillContinue reading “Extracts from a discussion about privacy and the Protection of Personal Information Bill”

Deceptive privacy practices from professional insurer

I attended a seminar run by my law society at the end of October and discovered how the popular insurer, Professional Provident Society, is engaging in some deceptive personal information collection and direct marketing practices in order to build its databases and market to prospective customers. This document was included in our pack of documentsContinue reading “Deceptive privacy practices from professional insurer”