Privacy is contextual and social, less legal and technical

Privacy is more than a couple settings and a consent checkbox on a form somewhere. Privacy and publicity seem to be pretty straightforward concepts and, legally, they are treated fairly superficially and defined mechanically. A result of that is a similarly superficial treatment in conversations about privacy and publicity in social and commercial engagements whichContinue reading “Privacy is contextual and social, less legal and technical”

Randi Zuckerberg and contextual privacy

One of the biggest ironies of the 2012 holiday season was Randi Zuckerberg’s family photo being tweeted by her sister’s Facebook friend, Callie Schweitzer, and the resulting privacy debate. If you missed it, Buzzfeed has a pretty detailed account of what happened which includes the photo that was tweeted and the initial exchange between ZuckerbergContinue reading “Randi Zuckerberg and contextual privacy”