What the High Court decided about broadcasting the Oscar Pistorius trial

As you know, the Pretoria High Court granted the media permission to broadcast the upcoming Oscar Pistorius trial but don’t expect to see TV footage of Pistorius or his witnesses giving evidence. Judge President Mlambo has imposed a number of restrictions on the coverage you can expect in the coming weeks. The reasons for these restrictions stem from the considerations Judge Mlambo took into account and how the judge balanced a number of competing rights.

For one thing, you probably won’t see any video of Oscar Pistorius’ or his witnesses’ testimony (although you may hear it on radio). You won’t see close-ups either. This decision is more about upholding rights than it is about the hype.

Big changes for Magistrates Courts in South Africa

South Africa’s Magistrates Courts are about to undergo a substantial change, reportedly from tomorrow, 15 October 2010. The first big change is that the rules that govern much of how these courts operate are about to change and the changes are fairly substantial. Some of the changes include making provision for service of court papersContinue reading “Big changes for Magistrates Courts in South Africa”