Gender activism, trolls and being fired for tweeting

One of the big stories online this last week involves objectionable jokes, a tweet, a blog post, a lot of trolls and a couple people being fired in the aftermath of it all. This is a cautionary story for a number of reasons. It has implications for gender activism, free expression and employment-related concerns we have been seeing percolating in various judicial and administrative fora for a couple years.

Let my followers go

@dkafouris @pauljacobson Your legal opinions please 🙂 > Who owns your social media account when you resign? — David Graham (@DavidGrahamSA) February 1, 2013 The question of who owns your social media account and can legitimately claim your connections with your communities has popped up again in the last few days. David Graham fromContinue reading “Let my followers go”

When ex-employees take your Twitter followers away from you

What happens when an employee who controls your company’s Twitter account leaves for a competitor, taking the Twitter account with him? This question seems to come up now and then in US employment law cases and the latest is the case of gadget blog PhoneDog and its erstwhile employee, Noah Kravitz. According to Ars Technica’sContinue reading “When ex-employees take your Twitter followers away from you”

How tweeting can get you fired

Mail & Guardian had a story a week or so ago about rugby commentator Andrew Lanning’s dismissal by SuperSport after he tweeted information about SuperSport and its parent company, Multichoice. The article’s title, “Fired for tweeting“, was a little misleading (the article clarified the issue, though) and that idea of being fired for using TwitterContinue reading “How tweeting can get you fired”

Why our obsession with Facebook should matter to you

I just noticed this on Mashable and thought I would share it with you. There are some pretty interesting statistics which are worth bearing in mind when developing an approach to Facebook as a marketing channel as well as developing your approach to your employees’ social media use, whether that be through a social mediaContinue reading “Why our obsession with Facebook should matter to you”