The legal profession has it wrong with working mothers

I met with a law student the other day to discuss her possibly doing vacation work at my firm in July after her June exams. She told me about a discussion her class had with a female lecturer recently where the lecturer advised female students to forget about having a family until they had progressedContinue reading “The legal profession has it wrong with working mothers”

Why giving legal advice on Twitter is a bad idea

Karl Schuler is an attorney in Johannesburg who solicited legal questions to answer on Twitter using the Twitter account @TweetMyAttorney. I picked up on this through Jessica McDonald’s tweet about the profile and mentioned that the Law Society would probably have a difficulty with Schuler’s invitation to members of the public to submit legal questions.Continue reading “Why giving legal advice on Twitter is a bad idea”

The broken legal services model and the page count myth

The current legal services model is fundamentally flawed. At least certain common perceptions of the legal services model are. In my modest experience, clients, and a great many lawyers, see the legal services business as essentially being about two things: production of documents and/or time based attendances. Those perceptions do both clients and the legalContinue reading “The broken legal services model and the page count myth”

Plain language complexities in contracts

As you probably know by now, the Consumer Protection Act mandates contracts written in plain language. That means al that legal jargon few people understand should be removed and replaced with more straightforward language that the average person can understand, not just multi-lingual lawyers with a strong grasp of conversational Latin, Old English and Dutch.Continue reading “Plain language complexities in contracts”

What do clients want and how can lawyers deliver?

John Giles, one of the partners over at Michalsons, published a post every lawyer should read. His post is titled “What clients want” and it certainly got my attention: I recently used an attorney to evict one of my tenants and recover rent that they had not paid. It was really interesting to be onContinue reading “What do clients want and how can lawyers deliver?”

Smart companies are embracing innovative legal solutions

I noticed that what companies were talking about started to change towards the end of 2010. I noticed that companies were talking to me about how they can best manage the inevitable risks their employees pose as more and more employees embrace and use social media services like Twitter. What I found especially interesting wasContinue reading “Smart companies are embracing innovative legal solutions”