Is your marketing strategy diabetic?

One of the behaviours I haven’t really understood completely is why agencies and their clients don’t seem to grasp the importance of adequate legal frameworks to effectively support their social marketing and collaborative business initiatives? What has been clear is that very few marketers understand just how important it is to have good legal advice and frameworks and they frequently use something that looks right so they can tick the legal compliance box. Unfortunately that isn’t a very good solution because even the best intentions won’t be much help if they are also woefully uninformed. Most marketers that we have dealt with seem to be aware of the need for some sort of legal structure for their work and yet they just don’t take sufficient steps to understand their risks and cater for them. My recent diabetes diagnosis came to mind as an interesting analogy which I explore in this post.

Holistic Legal Strategies for Collaborative Enterprises (aka Social Businesses)

With so much emphasis on the consumer-facing social Web, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is pretty much all there is to the social Web. Well, almost. Somewhere on the fringes was some talk about “social media policies” so there’s that too, somewhere. The next challenge, as the consumer-oriented work matures to a large extent,Continue reading “Holistic Legal Strategies for Collaborative Enterprises (aka Social Businesses)”

Digital agencies that skimp on legal are negligently exposing themselves and their clients to substantial claims

Catch the highlights: I’ve noticed an alarming trend with many digital agencies and the account managers responsible for advising their clients on their digital marketing initiatives: they view legal frameworks as something akin to the undercoat on a wall. It seems to be a good idea although it’s better to keep it thin, hidden awayContinue reading “Digital agencies that skimp on legal are negligently exposing themselves and their clients to substantial claims”

Why giving legal advice on Twitter is a bad idea

Karl Schuler is an attorney in Johannesburg who solicited legal questions to answer on Twitter using the Twitter account @TweetMyAttorney. I picked up on this through Jessica McDonald’s tweet about the profile and mentioned that the Law Society would probably have a difficulty with Schuler’s invitation to members of the public to submit legal questions.Continue reading “Why giving legal advice on Twitter is a bad idea”