Improved descriptions of our work and something extra on LinkedIn

I have a quick update on our service offerings with something special for LinkedIn users. We’ve been working on clearer explanations of the work we do a little while now. My goals have been to simplify how we describe the work we do and, at the same time, adequately describe our specialities. Today’s version ofContinue reading “Improved descriptions of our work and something extra on LinkedIn”

LinkedIn’s expanded and more intelligible privacy policy

LinkedIn recently announced an update to its privacy policy and user agreement in a blog post titled Updating LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy. Although LinkedIn updated the user agreement too, the emphasis was more on updates to its privacy policy. The new policy expands on a number of issues and reinforces the extent to which users needs to take responsibility for their actions when using the service.

Employer appropriates an ex-employee’s LinkedIn account

An American executive unsuccessfully sought to have her LinkedIn profile restored to her after her former employer appropriated her profile when she left the company. According to Internet Cases:   After plaintiff was fired as an executive, her former employer (using the password known by another employee) took over plaintiffs LinkedIn account. It kept all of plaintiff’sContinue reading “Employer appropriates an ex-employee’s LinkedIn account”

LinkedIn’s privacy policy changes underscore a larger threat to users

LinkedIn has caused quite a fuss in the last few days with its changes to its privacy policy on 16 June 2011 enabling it to make use of users’ profile photos and names in what it terms “social advertising”, among other things. What is more interesting is how it gave itself the right to doContinue reading “LinkedIn’s privacy policy changes underscore a larger threat to users”