Reputation and social marketing: the legal stuff

I spoke at the Marketing Legislation Seminar in Rosebank this morning. My topic was basically online reputation management and related legal principles and issues. This area seems like something of a fuzzy marketing thing but the more I look into it the more it becomes an organisational imperative with serious legal ramifications. I’ve mentioned theContinue reading “Reputation and social marketing: the legal stuff”

Online Reputation Management is good corporate governance practice

Online Reputation Management (or “ORM”) tools are remarkable marketing tools. They help provide insights into what customers are saying, virtually in realtime, about your organisation, your brand and even your competitors (well, just about anything you want to know about – you frequently get to choose parameters). I recently wrote about ORM in the contextContinue reading “Online Reputation Management is good corporate governance practice”

Legal compliance through Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (commonly referred to as “ORM”) solutions are popular with companies that have social media initiatives. These solutions enable companies to monitor the social media landscape for keyword and brand mentions that they often select based on their areas of interest. Two local solutions are BrandsEye and saidWot (Disclosure: saidWot’s sister company, Virtuosa,Continue reading “Legal compliance through Online Reputation Management”