Law firm fudges mailing list privacy and its own reputation

I received an interesting email this morning referring me to an email which a local law firm distributed to subscribers of its property-related mailing list. Ordinarily that isn’t the sort of thing which would garner much interest from me – property law is somewhat outside my usual scope. What caught my eye is the wayContinue reading “Law firm fudges mailing list privacy and its own reputation”

Developing effective privacy policies

Privacy is a hot topic this year, perhaps even more so than last year. The Protection of Personal Information Bill is slowly making its way through Parliament and will, when it is finally passed and signed into law, have quite a profound effect on our privacy law as well as how privacy and personal informationContinue reading “Developing effective privacy policies”

Facebook wants to expose your phone number and address

Facebook took a controversial step over the weekend that has privacy advocates concerned, again. The social network is now making users’ mobile phone numbers and addresses accessible to applications as distinct categories of personal information. Alternatively, as Jeff Bowen‘s blog post on the Facebook Developer blog put it: We are now making a user’s addressContinue reading “Facebook wants to expose your phone number and address”

Facebook’s sleight of hand with Groups and profile information downloads

Facebook announced a number of changes on the 6th which signified a privacy and personal information control about-turn by the biggest online social network on the planet. I previously commented that Facebook has become something of a privacy fiend recently. Why did I say this? Here are a few reasons and approaches that concerned meContinue reading “Facebook’s sleight of hand with Groups and profile information downloads”

Lessons learned from Google’s Transparency Report

Google makes a number of people nervous when it comes to personal information and has made its share of mistakes. That said, Google has also made significant strides in giving its users greater control over their personal information on its servers. While users have a pretty good idea what personal information Google has collected fromContinue reading “Lessons learned from Google’s Transparency Report”

Privacy is about choice

The recent controversy about Facebook’s privacy settings and the (once again) updated privacy controls highlighted both misconceptions about what privacy is and what it isn’t in the context of the social Web. The new controls are aimed primarily at making managing Facebook privacy settings a little easier to manage. This is about being able toContinue reading “Privacy is about choice”

Manto v Sunday Times judgment a victory for free press

The judgment handed down last Friday has been hailed as a victory for the Health Minister by some publications and as a victory for the Sunday Times by others. Neither party is able to declare an outright victory in this matter. The Minister was successful in having her medical records returned to her or herContinue reading “Manto v Sunday Times judgment a victory for free press”