What parents can do to better protect their children’s privacy online

Our children are growing up with digital devices and an increasingly social Web and are, in the process, sharing their personal information, oblivious to the risks. Parents are increasingly finding themselves in foreign territory with no real idea where to begin to address their children’s privacy. This post is intended to give parents an overviewContinue reading “What parents can do to better protect their children’s privacy online”

The trouble with online defamation

I frequently receive calls or emails from people asking for help with online defamation, usually on Facebook. The people who contact me are often at their wits’ end and want to sue the people defaming them, thinking that will fix the problem. Unfortunately, that can often make it worse. The challenge with online defamation isContinue reading “The trouble with online defamation”

Regulators: Hands off the social Web

Two recent events have sparked debates about whether the social Web should be censored: the first is the recent civil unrest in London and the second is a recent report in the Sunday Times about a racist calling himself “Eugene Terrorblanche” publishing a deeply disturbing photo on Facebook (it turns out this is an oldContinue reading “Regulators: Hands off the social Web”

Tension in the direct marketing industry over opt-in requirements

The Consumer Protection Act sparked quite a bit of interest in direct marketing and consumers’ rights to opt-out of receiving direct marketing communications. It has also highlighted a tension between direct marketers and consumer orientated initiatives to protect and enhance consumer rights. Some of these initiatives have been undertaken by two industry bodies, the InternetContinue reading “Tension in the direct marketing industry over opt-in requirements”

“Free” online services and privacy law

One aspect of the seemingly free services we use every day (Facebook, Twitter, Google Search and many more) which people tend not to pick up on is that these services really are not free at all. While we don’t part with currency to use these services, we do part with our personal information in exchangeContinue reading ““Free” online services and privacy law”

Down the rabbit hole with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

I had an opportunity to present at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship‘s “Social media in your organisation” course. The course is currently underway at the Quartermain Hotel in Sandton and is being presented by the Branson Centre and Bjarke Gotfredsen. I was given an hour and a half to talk (including questions) and I usedContinue reading “Down the rabbit hole with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship”

Converting angry customers into happy ones

This week has been a fairly light week from a blog post perspective and I thought I would end off the week with something a little different and which is pretty relevant to most of my clients. This video is of a talk given by Rob La Gesse from Rackspace. La Gesse is pretty forthrightContinue reading “Converting angry customers into happy ones”

Legal compliance through Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (commonly referred to as “ORM”) solutions are popular with companies that have social media initiatives. These solutions enable companies to monitor the social media landscape for keyword and brand mentions that they often select based on their areas of interest. Two local solutions are BrandsEye and saidWot (Disclosure: saidWot’s sister company, Virtuosa,Continue reading “Legal compliance through Online Reputation Management”

Disclaimers for social media

Update: I wrote about two models which work better in this context here. Chances are your company has implemented an email disclaimer of some description. It is either set out in full in your email signature or you have a link to a disclaimer on a Web page somewhere. Leaving aside how adequate those disclaimersContinue reading “Disclaimers for social media”

Presenting at the Social Media Marketing in Africa conference

I am going to present at the Social Media Marketing in Africa conference tomorrow morning about the legal risks that arise out of social media marketing initiatives. It sounds a little negative but I see this general topic as being both about risks and opportunities – it really depends on how you approach and manageContinue reading “Presenting at the Social Media Marketing in Africa conference”