Privacy is contextual and social, less legal and technical

Privacy is more than a couple settings and a consent checkbox on a form somewhere. Privacy and publicity seem to be pretty straightforward concepts and, legally, they are treated fairly superficially and defined mechanically. A result of that is a similarly superficial treatment in conversations about privacy and publicity in social and commercial engagements whichContinue reading “Privacy is contextual and social, less legal and technical”

Big Brother WiST and the end of privacy?

ITWeb contacted me and asked me for comment on a new technology called WiST which stands for “Wireless Intelligent Sensing Technology” (look out for the article tomorrow). On the face of it, this is an exciting technology. It is an alternative to RFID and promises an effective way to track assets and, more problematically, people:Continue reading “Big Brother WiST and the end of privacy?”

Guest post: Being Generation Y

This guest post was written by Nastassja de la Guerre, a candidate attorney at Jacobson Attorneys. You can follow Nastassja on Twitter at @ndelaguerre. The spread and ever increasingly availability of the Internet and digital and media technologies are the biggest evolution in human history since the industrial revolution. These developments have sent Generation YContinue reading “Guest post: Being Generation Y”