Parental involvement in children’s Facebook activities is essential

Technically only children aged 13 and older may register and maintain Facebook profiles but, in practice, children younger than this are active on Facebook. Children being active on the Internet poses a number of challenges, especially to their privacy and safety so it is essential that parents supervise their children when they use online services.Continue reading “Parental involvement in children’s Facebook activities is essential”

Facebook’s Timeline and fears about “frictionless experiences”

One of the concerns about the now delayed Facebook Timeline is the “frictionless experiences” concept. This is an aspect of the next iteration of the Facebook Open Graph and what it means is that users will make fewer conscious decisions about which of their experiences they share on Facebook once the new Timeline is enabled.Continue reading “Facebook’s Timeline and fears about “frictionless experiences”” sues to block Facebook’s public Timeline rollout

Update: Mashable has since updated its post to note that while the court filings don’t mention Facebook’s decision to delay activating Timeline for its users, there is apparently a message from Facebook indicating that Timeline will go public on 6 October 2011. History oriented Web service,, has applied to the United States District CourtContinue reading “ sues to block Facebook’s public Timeline rollout”