Disclaimers for social media

Update: I wrote about two models which work better in this context here. Chances are your company has implemented an email disclaimer of some description. It is either set out in full in your email signature or you have a link to a disclaimer on a Web page somewhere. Leaving aside how adequate those disclaimersContinue reading “Disclaimers for social media”

Twitter accounts equated to domain names in trade mark action

I came across an interesting case in the United States on Evan Brown’s Internet Cases blog which he also mentioned in a recent This Week in Law episode. The case is interesting because although the ruling appears to be provisional relief as part of a larger set of proceedings (I am not familiar with theContinue reading “Twitter accounts equated to domain names in trade mark action”

Smart companies are embracing innovative legal solutions

I noticed that what companies were talking about started to change towards the end of 2010. I noticed that companies were talking to me about how they can best manage the inevitable risks their employees pose as more and more employees embrace and use social media services like Twitter. What I found especially interesting wasContinue reading “Smart companies are embracing innovative legal solutions”

The controversial @pigspotter and Metro police

A Twitter user known as @pigspotter (aka “Cliff”) is making waves in local law enforcement. If you are not one of his 6 138 followers (at 10:26 SAST – the count was at 6 007 about an hour ago) then you may not be familiar with what this popular tweeter does. As his bio explains,Continue reading “The controversial @pigspotter and Metro police”